RAMBO RAMBO|VENOM XTreme Performance Electric Bike - eBike Haul
RAMBO RAMBO|VENOM XTreme Performance Electric Bike - eBike Haul

RAMBO|VENOM XTreme Performance Electric Bike

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RAMBO|VENOM XTREME Performance Electric Bike


You asked, we answered! If you’re looking for the “best of the best” in its class.  Then look no further than our Rambo Venom. This E-Bike is engineered for “Extreme Terrain” and uses only the highest end components to support your mission. 

The Venom is engineered around the Germain-engineered Rohloff hub. The Rohloff Speed Hub is an internal gear system working like a smooth transmission for your E-Bike. It’s a rugged 14 speed hub delivering a whopping 526% gear range to climb the steepest terrain with ease. The result is a bullet proof gear system eliminating the traditional cassette and derailleur system. The internal design requires less maintenance and gives the rider more confidence in rugged terrain with no external parts to break. This hub works great on Extreme Terrain such as Mountains, Mud, Tall Grass and Cut Corn Fields.

The Venom uses the Bafang M620 motor. It is Bafang’s flagship ULTRA mid-drive torque sensing motor. This Ultra motor is referred to as a smart motor. The speed, cadence, shift, brake, and torque sensor technology provide continuous feedback from rider to motor, simultaneously allowing the motor to deliver exactly what the rider needs. The M620 is a beast of a motor that produces a massive 160NM of torque and 1500 Peak Wattage Output. Another great feature of the M620 is the ability to adjust the motor according to any E-Bike Classification you prefer. You can easily comply with all 3 classifications of E-Bike laws.

To handle all this power. Venoms industry leading strong frame was custom designed to support the LG 17ah long range battery … and the addition of a second battery! This feature benefits every rider with the luxury of Extreme Long-Range performance giving you range of up to 55 miles on single Not all E-Bike battery brands are created equal. So don’t take the chance of using an off-brand battery.

Every aspect of our Venom was designed and manufactured to produce an extremely reliable and durable E-Bike with NO limitations. Our Rambo Design Team closely studied every detail and component from the tread up as we developed the Venom. After pairing Rohloff technology with one of the most powerful motors made.  Rambo proceeded to include industry leading suspension, braking system, and battery capacity.  The result, Rambo produced the finest E-Bike to handle any and all Extreme conditions!   

Rambo Doesn’t Sacrifice Quality … Neither Should You!

The Venom 1000XPR

is the best of the best! Delivering it all in one solid bike featuring a new Rohloff internal 14 gear speed rear hub, 48v 17AH battery and a 1000w Ultra Drive motor – no terrain is going to stop you! Paired with 26×4.5” tires and 4 Piston Hydraulic brakes, you have the recipe of a perfect hunting bike. From the mountains to the flat prairie, The Venom is your all-in-one ebike!

1000 Watts| 40 Miles| 14 Speeds/Gears| Extreme: Grass/Bush| High Traction




RAMBO VENOM 1000XPR Hunting Fat Tire Electric Bike


Tech Specs
  • Motor M620:The ULTRA Drive smart torque sensing motor, powered by Bafang, is capable of falling under all 3 Classifications of eBike laws. Switch between 750 watts, and 1,000 continuous watts with a max power output of 1,500 watts. 
  • Performance: 160NM of Torque/ 1500 Peak Wattage Output
  • Battery: 48v 17ah with LG cells
  • Range: Up to 55 Miles.
  • Speed: Adjustable up to 35mph
  • Display: Full Color & Fully Integrated Digital Waterproof LCD Display. 4”x2.5”
  • Front Brake: Extreme Duty 203mm 4 Piston Hydraulic with integrated electric safety cutoff electric safety cutoff and special noise reduction pad.
  • Rear Brake: Extreme Duty 180mm 4 Piston Hydraulic with integrated electric safety cutoff electric safety cutoff and special noise reduction pad.
  • Suspension: GT MRK 860 air Inverted fork with a massive 150mm of travel for offroad support.
  • Frame: High Grade Aluminum Alloy 6061
  • Throttle: Removable Left Thumb Throttle
  • Gear System: German Engineered Rohloff E-14 (500/14) Speed Hub with 526% gear range for extreme hill climbing power.
  • Tires: Rugged Terrain Capable Maxxis Minion FBF/FBR 26” x 4.8” with extra deep tread for extreme terrain and traction.
  • Load Capacity:300 lbs
  • Rim: Extreme Strength Double Wall Aluminum Alloy to prevent rim damage during offroad and rough trail terrain.
  • Chain: Extreme Performance Custom Built. Specially made for high performance E-Bike power.
  • Weight: 71lbs with battery removed. Battery weight 10lbs.
  • Model: 1000 XPR

 What's in the Box




1. BRAKES Extreme Duty 203mm 4 Piston Hydraulic with integrated electric safety cutoff
2. MOTOR The ULTRA Drive smart torque sensing motor, powered by Bafang!
3. BATTERY 48v 17ah LG branded cells with up to 55 miles of range!
4. DIGITAL DISPLAY Full Color & Fully Integrated Digital Waterproof LCD Display. 4”x2.5”
5. 14 GEARS German Engineered Rohloff E-14 (500/14) Speed Hub with 526% gear range.
6. VELO SADDLE We don't sacrifice comfort with the Velo VL-3540 Saddle.

Rambo getting the job done, no matter what the task may be.

RAMBO fat tire hunting electric bikes are ready to take you to your favorite hunting spot! Whether it’s ten miles into the backcountry, into your favorite hunting lease, or scouting down forest trails. Our electric hunting bikes are ready to take you where no other hunter can easily access!

Go farther, go faster, and take more gear! Our hunting bikes and accessories are made specifically for the conditions your hunting adventures roll in to. From our two wheel carts, single wheel cart, baskets, bags, and lights – Rambo is ready! With our proven components in each bike, you can go 30 to 60 miles per charge! Stop hunting where everyone else does, jump on a Rambo electric hunting bike and become more successful during your hunts!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Venom is great

Got my Venom about 3 weeks ago. Have been very impressed with its performance. Have used it bowhunting whitetails almost every day in some really harsh conditions and the bike has performed great

Lily J.
Love it

Love my new Venom. Having the shifting/gears inside the wheel makes it very easy to ride through tall grass and corn fields! not like the old bike i had that had mud, grass, and muck stuck in the gears every ride. Love the big tires too! this bike is hands down my favorite Rambo bikes I’ve had.

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