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Ultra Drive 1000W mid-drive motor is a cyclist dream
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Unlimited Power & Range

Why Choose Troxus Explorer Fat Tires E-Bike?

Motorcycle Inspired Electric Bike Design, Powerful & Fast



Let's Go Back To Nature With EUNORAU

G20-CARGO|24''48V 500W Mid Motor Electric Long Trail Cargo Bike

The Options are Endless
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Any Voltage and Amperage, Your Imagination is our reality. Customizing Lithium Batteries is our Expertise

Afreda S6| A Fold-in-1s Reverse 3-wheeler for all terrains Electric Trike

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Beyond Boundaries

  • Experience Legendary Power & Performance.
  • 63 Miles of Range.
Rubicon... That's All
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How To Register Scooter?

Over 20 states have successfully registered scooters for street legal riding. All Models can be tracked down on DOT official site by querying unique frame code. Every scooter comes with Manufacturer's Certificate of Origin. Provide MCO to DMV when you register.

Q Runner| 4 Wheel Electric Cabin Mobility Scooter

Provides you full protection from the elements of comfort, convenience, and freedom of movement throughout the year. With this cabin mobility scooter, weather changes will never put restrictions on when to go outside.

The world’s first portable
home battery ecosystem

DELTA Pro's expandable ecosystem

Uninterrupted Home Backup

Fast 20ms Switchover Time

The First Consumer-Grade Solar Tracker

Spins & Swivels On Two Axes To Continuously Pinpoint The Best Angle To The sSun