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      Since found, ECOTRIC has determined its mission--produce environmentally friendly, utility, and high-quality e-bike for customers. ECOTRIC advocates green traveling, energy-saving, and healthy lifestyles, the pursuit of harmony between man and nature, aspire to promote a new mode of transportation. Of course, users will always be the top priority for ECOTRIC, whose experience and requirements are the foundation of all ECOTRIC actions. No matter in the production process, product manufacturing, or design concept, ECOTRIC never gives up innovation, strive for higher standards, which is the reason why ECOTRIC can constantly keep making progress.
      This is ECOTRIC, a smart city transportation solution provider. All ECOTRIC does is to make a better bike for you.

      Top Reasons To Consider Buying an Ecotric Electric Bike

        • Exhilarating - These bikes are fast and fun to ride. They have smooth and comfortable seating to allow you to enjoy the bike for hours. 
        • Affordability - Ecotric has many different ebike prices ranging from some of our lowest priced bike to some of our more expensive bikes. Ecotric offers a wide variety so they can accommodate all lifestyles.
        • Safety - Ecotric ebikes have high quality brakes, great suspension, and some options have fat tires to which allows for more traction. 
        • Comfort - Ecotric has comfortable seats and has great suspension features promising for a smooth ride.  
        • Variety of Colors and Options - Ecotric has some unique color options ranging from black, white to one of the only gold bikes on the market, the Ecotric FAT20810 gold.
        • Accessories -  Ecotric has unique accessory option with the ability to add a racks and fenders.