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Bikonit Ebikes are designed for outdoor exploring and having great fun there.

Bikonit™  eBikes can be your great help if you are an outdoorsy type. These all terrain ebikes are designed to cover path in woods, ride along lakes, soft&slippery snow trails or any where you want to go and explore. To go farther and easier to the spots those explorers haven't been there before. Pull over your vehicle at the part, jump on a Bikonit™  all terrain ebike, or even haul a trailer behind with your camping, boating, hiking, surfing or skiing equipments striped on!

Powerful 750/1000W Motor 

The onboard 750W/1000W Bafang motor system can offer riders with a 1400w/1500w peak power. Support riders conquer any situation with an unlimited like power anywhere anytime. The peak torque can be 80NM/160NM, with such torque, you can not only climb hilly trails but also haul your equipments and effortlessly.

90~100Mile Outstanding Range with Dual Battery 

Thanks to the patented dual battery frame design, riders can fit in two 48V 15Ah battery into a bike one time, so the max capacity of Bikonit™ all terrain ebikes are capable of 48V 30Ah*. The range can be over 70miles on a single charge. That is awesome as riders can ride freely without concerning about the range when you are outside there for fun.

All-weather/All-terrain/Fast-speed/Super Safe

Fat tires would absolutely be your choice if you want to ride for outdoor exploring. You can not only ride on paved roads, but also conquer sand, rocky, wood and snow on these tires! All Bikonit™ ebikes are IP64 water resistant so no worries about rain or snow. The max speed can reach 20Mph-28Mph depends on which model you choose so you can get to any places faster. The F/R Tektro Hydraulic disc-brakes with power cut off function will make sure you can stop anytime anywhere safely.