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From roads, mountains, sand to grass, Magicycle Cruiser can handle them all. 26"X4" Kenda puncture resistant tires offer upgrade grip and skid resistance ability. The fat tires provide good traction on gravel and dirt, and put less pressure on the ground, which supports the rider to travel through the places that other bikes simply can't go.

Sure, here is the Brake instruction for you.

Magicycle Cruiser belongs to the Class 3 ebike. 

Yes, both models can be used.

The only difference between the Step Over and the Step-Thru is the style. The two models are basically the same in terms of dimensions, battery, speed, components, etc.

Some customers prefer to have more of an eye-catching moped-looking bike which is easier to get on and off, whereas others prefer a sportier, more traditional frame. Regardless of the frame, you can still expect the same performance and ride!

The default speed setting is 20mph, Magicyclebike is able to reach 28mph (45km).

Magicycle Cruiser should be between Min: 5 PSI ~ Max: 30 PSI.

Usually, you can check the recommended pressure on the tire sidewall which is how much you should inflate your tires. 

Yes, both model can be used.

Yes, our eBikes come with a charger. All Magicycle ebike comes with a 3.0A fast smart charger. Additional chargers are available on our store.