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      What Makes Revolve Different

      Available online are many electric bikes for hundreds of dollars less. What is the difference between a Revolve Electric Bike and lesser price bike?

      • Quality components: Brakes, throttles, motors, gears, handlebars, batteries, etc. Often for the lesser priced bikes these parts are inferior and will not hold up or parts will not be available. Revolve uses quality parts and always has readily available spare parts.
      • Cost of Service: Revolve parts are easy to install because we require certain attachments for ease to replace. Many companies’ parts are very difficult to replace and add significant cost to replace. For example, a Revolve bike takes less than 5 minutes to replace a throttle or display. Others, it may take 60 minutes. That translates into more cost.
      • Customer Relations: Revolve has medal winning customer relations. Call us anytime and we will respond. Not true for many other companies.
      • Service Network: Revolve has been selling electric bikes since 2010. Over the years we have developed a network of dealers across the country that service electric bikes. Regardless where you are located, we will make sure there is a dealer available to service you, if and when needed.
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