QUIETKAT QUIETKAT| All Terrain Bike Cargo Trailer for Hunting - eBike Haul
QUIETKAT QUIETKAT| All Terrain Bike Cargo Trailer for Hunting - eBike Haul
QUIETKAT QUIETKAT| All Terrain Bike Cargo Trailer for Hunting - eBike Haul
QUIETKAT QUIETKAT| All Terrain Bike Cargo Trailer for Hunting - eBike Haul
QUIETKAT QUIETKAT| All Terrain Bike Cargo Trailer for Hunting - eBike Haul
QUIETKAT QUIETKAT| All Terrain Bike Cargo Trailer for Hunting - eBike Haul
QUIETKAT QUIETKAT| All Terrain Bike Cargo Trailer for Hunting - eBike Haul
QUIETKAT QUIETKAT| All Terrain Bike Cargo Trailer for Hunting - eBike Haul
QUIETKAT QUIETKAT| All Terrain Bike Cargo Trailer for Hunting - eBike Haul

QUIETKAT| All Terrain Bike Cargo Trailer for Hunting

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The Ultimate Cargo Trailer For The Backcountry

Whether you have a cooler, camping equipment, hunting gear, tools, firewood or even a quartered elk, QuietKat’s Single-Wheel All-Terrain Cargo Trailer makes loads easy to haul over tricky landscapes.


    For use with other electric bikes brands or QuietKat full-suspension models, you will need to purchase a BOB Axle from the Robert Axle Project. Click the link below to find your axle:

    Click here to purchase a Bob Axle for full-suspension QuietKat eBikes 

    Robert Axle Project - Select the correct axle for your other bike (NON-QUIETKAT)




      For bikers with heavy loads riding narrow trails, QuietKat’s Single-Wheel All-Terrain Cargo Trailer is a convenient and versatile solution.

      This trailer handles a 100-pound load capacity in a compact 14” x 24” space. The single 20x4” tire makes it a seamless fit with any QuietKat hardtail eBike. Plus, the sleek design and rear suspension allow for extra stability, letting bikers carry oversized loads over all kinds of terrain.

      The fully redesigned cargo trailer features a quick-connect system. Simply pull and push the pin to open up the assembly, connect it with the bike bobbin, and move the assembly forward to latch with the bike. The Single-Wheel All-Terrain Cargo Trailer also attaches to QuietKat full-suspension models and other electric bike brands with the additional purchase of a BOB Axle.

      QuietKat’s Single-Wheel Trailer also includes a new dual-post kickstand—it'll keep your rig steady even when fully loaded down. It also includes a solid mesh cargo liner to keep everything safe and secure in transport.

      New Features

      • Pannier Rack: Increases cargo load and provides additional stability
      • Solid Mesh Cargo Liner 
      • Dual-Post Kickstand: Ensures your trailer is secure while parked, loading, or unloading

      Trail Ready:  Excellent stability and maneuverability

      Cargo Space: 14”x 24”

      Weight: 34lbs

      Suspension: Coil-Suspension

      Tire: 20” x 4.0” All-Terrain

      Load Capacity: 100lbs

      Color: Black

      QuietKat Policies

      Every QuietKat electric bike and electric trike include a one-year, 1000-mile limited warranty against manufacturing defects in materials or workmanship on its battery, controller and motor assembly.  QuietKat frames come with a lifetime warranty.

      This warranty applies only to the original registered owner of the QuietKat and is not transferable.

      This limited warranty does not apply to normal wear and tear, malfunctions, or failures due to abuse, neglect, improper repair, improper maintenance, alteration, modification, accidents, or other improper use.

      The one-year warranty on QuietKat’s lithium-ion batteries from the date of original purchase does not include damage from power surges, use of improper charger, improper maintenance or other such misuse, normal wear or water damage.

      If a component is deemed to be defective or damaged without user error or other improper use, QuietKat will assist in replacing that part.  This includes any parts deemed to have been damaged in shipping.   We will not replace any part deemed to be damaged by the user.

      In the case of a repair or parts replacement under warranty, we will work with the owner to find a local certified bicycle repair shop to make the necessary fix.  QuietKat will also cover the associated repair labor fees, only if the scope of service is agreed upon prior to the fix. The owner may also return the unit to QuietKat to make the needed repairs, but will be responsible for shipping costs each way. Read the full warranty information here.


      All claims to this warranty must be made through QuietKat, Inc., and can be submitted here.

      Proof of the original purchase may be required with any warranty request.  Before making a claim, please contact our service department as there may be a simple fix for the problem. Valid warranty claims will be processed within one year of the initial purchase.


      Upon delivery, immediately inspect your products for damage.   Freight damage claims are extremely time sensitive, and we will not accept freight damage claims later than 3 business days from delivery.   Note any damage to your products on the Bill of Lading before you and the delivery driver sign-off on the shipment.   Take photos of any damage that is found and date the images when possible. Report shipping damage claims within 3 business days of delivery to Returns@ebikehaul.com

      QuietKat will accept the return or cancellation of an order under the following conditions:

      Items that are purchased and cancelled before shipping may be subject to a 15% processing and restocking fee. QuietKat reserves the right to determine when this fee applies.

      Those returns are subject to a 15% restocking fee on the purchase price, as well as return shipping fees. The original shipping charges are non-refundable.

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      In the event of a product return, QuietKat will not accept the return of promotional items associated with that sale. The MSRP value of the promotional items will be deducted from the refund.

      Before a return is made, the customer must receive written approval of the return and a Return Authorization Number from QuietKat, Inc. If a customer sends a return without the written consent of the company, a refund will not be issued. The customer who sends a unit back without consent will be responsible for shipping costs back to them, or will sacrifice the item. Once a return is approved by QuietKat, Inc., you may receive an exchange, company credit or a refund. Please address your return to:

      QuietKat, Inc.
      c/o Returns: Authorization # _____
      50 Marmot Lane
      Eagle, Colorado 81631

      All purchases made through authorized QuietKat retailers are subject to the dealer’s return and refund policies. QuietKat does not accept direct returns of products sold through authorized retailers. All products sold through dealers must be returned to the original seller.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      QuietKat offers a 1-year warranty on all components and the frame has a lifetime warranty. Please read the full warranty information located in your owner's manual for more info. We offer an all-inclusive long term warranty through Extend

      QuietKat electric mountain bikes can climb incredibly steep hills and mountain trails. QuietKat eBikes are designed and thoroughly tested on the most rugged terrain and trails that the Colorado's Rocky Mountain's has to offer.

      QuietKat's premium batteries range in size and charge time. On a standard charger orsolar charger the range is approximately 6-8 hours.

      Yes, as well as our car charger and our solar charging station

      Mileage depends on a number of factors including battery size, rider weight, added gear, temperature, and terrain. 

      On average, QuietKat eBikes have a max range in eco pedal-assist mode of 30-60 miles.

      No. Unlike many lead-acid batteries, our batteries are sealed and made up of premium lithium cells, requiring zero maintenance.

      QuietKat electric bikes are built with oversized all-terrain tires which are capable of maintaining traction in steep terrain, shallow mud, sand and snow. The tires can be deflated down to as low as 8lbs for added traction in these conditions.

      Yes. With a simple programming change on the digital screen on the handlebars, the speed and power can be increased or decreased based on rider preference. Refer to theGetting Started Series for a short video tutorial on how to adjust settings.

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 5 reviews
      Great fishing cart, Thank you

      Thank you. Your staff was very helpful when deciding to purchase. I am wondering if there is anything special I will have to do to make sure it fits my Rambo Ryder. I will be using it as a fishing cart

      Best Trailer

      I bought it mostly to use with my Rokon. It's light, but it's strong. I'm quite happy with my buy.

      Lokendra Singh
      Great Trailer

      This trailer is quite well constructed for the price!! It was on sale, but I received my money's worth even at full price. I've worked in the industrial trades for 40 years and know what a well-made product looks like. Give your wonderful employees a raise!! I'm setting up a messed-up photo.

      Lokendra Singh

      The only drawback is the bike's attachment. It's a touch sloppy and rattles when you ride. without the trailer's weight When I bike to the blind later this week, I'll attempt it again with my equipment.

      Very nice trailer. Easy to put together and attach to my bike

      A fantastic addition to my bike. I don't even see it's connected (once you're riding) and it has a kickstand and a lot more space than I anticipated. I put it to the test, loaded it up, and ripped down the trails with no issues. The mono shock absorbs the weight over bumps.

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