MTNBEX MTNBEX| LG 17.5AH Battery - eBike Haul
MTNBEX MTNBEX| LG 17.5AH Battery - eBike Haul

MTNBEX| LG 17.5AH Battery

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MTNBEX LG 17.5AH Battery


 The MTNBEX uses a brand new battery housing to ensure superior water resistance, extended range 17.5ah LG Lithium ion 48v battery is a game changer! Charged 900 times, the extended range battery is guaranteed to improve your driving performance for years to come.

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48V 17.5Ah LG Lithium-ion Battery

The battery is one of the most important components of an electric bike. MTNBEX electric bikes are equipped with LG 48V 17.5Ah batteries to ensure a long life expectancy and distinguished performance. The singe can be up to 60+ miles per charge on pedal-assist mode and around 35 miles on pure electric power mode. Moreover, MTNBEX offers a 2-Year warranty on batteries.

35-60 Miles

Per Charge

 840 Wh

Total Battery Capacity


MTNBEX Resources

2-Year Warranty

All NTNBEX bikes are covered under our manufacturer's 2-year all-inclusive warranty for the original owner against all manufacturing defects (All free accessories are not covered by warranty service).

Activate your warranty by registering your eBike at the form Here


Most part of the bike is pre-assembled, but you need to assemble front wheel, handle bar, pedal and head light(if applicable) to the bike, and we will provide the tools. Which will take 10-20 mins.

The serial number is engraved on the head tube of frame, which is below the handle bar.

Yes, you can ride your MTNBEX bikes in light rain. All of our electric components are designed for water resistance. After wet riding, don't forget to wipe LCD display and battery to make them dry, otherwise overnight moisture sometimes hurt those electric parts.

However, it is not recommended to ride them through very heavy downpours, or through flooded streets when the crank and/or the motor can get splashed or even covered with water.

Check whether the indicator light of the charger is displayed normally (red when charging, green when not charging/charging finished. Test the output voltage of the charger is greater than 48V with a multimeter.

If you still can't solve it after replacement, please provide a video showing that the battery cannot be charged, provide the order number and frame number, and contact after-sales.

Up to 65 miles, more or less depending your riding style, level of pedal assist an/or throttle, rider weight, hills, and headwinds/tailwinds.

Riding on lower levels of pedal assist will maximize your battery's range. Riding on higher levels of pedal assist and aggressively using the throttle will drain your battery much quicker.

Predator, Rebel and Runabout's batteries are removable, while Cheetah's not.

Please charge the battery once it's under 25%. Storage the battery between 25% - 75% is the best practice to extend the lithium battery lifespan. Do not leave the battery under 32℉ or above 104℉.

If you won't ride your bike for a while, charge the battery first, and then store it at a 25% - 75% charge level.

Pedal assist is a bike feature that puts the power of the motor right in your pedal stroke.

Pedal assist can be activated by selecting a PAS level using the PAS selector buttons. The PAS selector buttons allow a rider to dial up a specific level of assistance from the motor between 1-5 on an LCD display. On PAS 0, our bike is totally like a traditional bicycle. When on PAS 0, neither pedaling nor twist the throttle will not get motor engaged.

The PAS is only active while the rider is pedaling. When a PAS level is selected, you will feel a boost of power from the mid motor when you start pedaling. It will be easier to get the bike moving and it will take less effort to keep riding. As you increase the PAS level, you will find it is even easier to ride to a higher speed.

Yes, that is what it is there for! However, using the throttle the entire time will drain the battery much quicker, getting you only 20-30 miles on a full charge.

It can go up to 31mph to ensure compliance with state and federal laws for bikes. The top speed limit may be lowered if needed to comply with local ordinance.

Do not attempt to shift up or down when at a complete stop. Only shift up or down while riding.

The button near the base of shifter is used to shift "up" and move the chain at the derailleur to a smaller cog every time it's pressed, making it easier to ride downhill.

The lever on the shifter is used to shift "down" and move the chain at the derailleur to a larger cog every time it's pressed, making it easier to ride uphill.

To shift up, begin pedaling, and press the button to shift into a higher gear. This will move the chain to a smaller cog on the derailleur with every button press.

To shift down, continue pedaling, and press the lever on the shifter to shift into a lower gear. This will move the chain to a larger cog on the derailleur with every lever press.

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