Why EcoFlow Home Solution VS traditional home solution

Why EcoFlow Home Solution VS traditional home solution


Whole-home backup power has never been this easy with EcoFlow DELTA Pro. A simple, affordable, and sustainable home solution that provides up to 7200W output and 21.6kWh capacity for whole-home power security and comfort. No need for an expensive and complicated home battery system, simply connect the DELTA Pros and Double Voltage Hub to your breaker panel via a standard inlet box, transfer switch or GenerLink. Or, integrate your DELTA Pro(s) with home circuits via the Smart Home Panel for uninterrupted power and smart energy management. Complete your ecosystem and get unlimited power with Solar Panels and Smart Generators (Dual Fuel). Replace noisy, smoky generators and power your entire home easily with a quiet and reliable whole-home backup power solution. 

Solution Overview 

EcoFlow DELTA Pro Whole-home Backup System includes 3 types of solution,Starter Kit, Advanced Kit, Smart Control Kit. You are free to choose according to your electricity demand.

  1. Start Kit: DELTA Pro x 1

Easiest and most affordable solution for short outages, entry-level whole-home backup power solution. Simply plug it into the power inlet box*, transfer switch, or GenerLink to power your critical circuits(lights, WiFi router, cell phone and fridge) when blackout hits.

Start Kit

DELTA Pro x 1


3.6kWh,1-day essential power 

AC Output

3600W(4500W X-boost) and 120V output 

Recharge Time

2.7 Hrs

*1 x 30 Amp Generator Cord (NEMA TT-30P to L14-30R) is needed to connect the DELTA Pro with your power inlet box.

  1. Advanced Kit,DELTA Pro x 2 + Double Voltage Hub

Easily chain two DELTA Pros using the Double Voltage Hub to connect to your power inlet box*or transfer switch to power your whole house with 7200W and 240V Output. Run almost all home appliances including high-wattage ones like a clothes dryer (5000W). Keep your essentials running for up to 1 week with extra batteries. 

Product Bundles

DELTA Pro x 2 + Double Voltage Hub

DELTA Pro x 2+Double Voltage Hub+Extra Battery x 2

DELTA Pro x 2+Double Voltage Hub+Extra Battery x 4


7.2kWh,2-days essential power 

14.4kWh, 4-days essential power 

21.6kWh, up to 1-week essential power 

AC Output

7200W and 240V massive output 

*1 x NEMA L14-30P to L14-30R Generator cord is included to hook up the Double Voltage Hub to your power inlet box.

  1. Smart Control Kit, DELTA Pro + Smart Home Panel

Smart power, uninterrupted power.

Take your home solution to the next level, free yourself from the grid completely with the smart control kit. Seamlessly integrates DELTA Pro with your home circuits via the Smart Home Panel for uninterrupted power and smart energy management.  Monitor your power usage anytime and lower your energy bills. 

Product Bundle

DELTA Pro + Smart Home Panel


Expands from 7.2-21.6kWh with extra batteries, up to 1-week power

AC Output

7200W and 240V massive output 

Smart Mangement

  • Automatic 20ms switchover time, uninterrupted power.
  • Smart power management with EcoFlow app
  • Peak rate avoidance to lower energy bills

*1 x NEMA L14-30P to L14-30R Generator cord is included to hook up the Double Voltage Hub to your power inlet box.

Why EcoFlow Home Solution-VS traditional home solution

Traditional household energy storage products have always been difficult to install, expensive, and not environmentally friendly. However, EcoFlow DELTA Pro Whole Home Backup Solution is made of a portable power station, and can be connected to your home breaker panel directly, which is easy, affordable, and more eco-friendly. When the power goes out, all you have to do is PLUG AND PLAY. 

  1. EASYSimple plug-and-play setup, installed-free.

[Show how to connect your home inlet box* with a double voltage hub, only 3 steps (plug-and-play)
Simply plug your DELTA Pro into the power inlet box or connect the two DELTA Pros together using the Double Voltage Hub. Plug the NEMA cable into the Hub and then into your home’s power inlet box. It's very simple to power the whole-home by integrating the kit into the home circuits without plugging in the appliances one by one. Compared to traditional household energy, the buyers need to wait for a long installation appointment time(average time 6-12 months), while the EcoFlow solution is easy to acquire.]

*Also available for transfer switch/GenerLink.

  1. AffordableStarting from one portable power station, users can modularize and customize the products that work best for them.

[Starter kit only costs $3,699, similar to a fuel generator. Compared with the one-time investment of nearly 20,000 dollars in home energy storage, it is a more economical choice. Consumers can expand the capacity based on their power needs in a modular manner, step by step to meet their long-term backup or power usage scenarios.]

  1. Huge OutputPower your entire home with 7200W and 240V Output, power high-duty appliances.

[DELTA  Pro Whole-home Backup Solution has  a  powerful  7200W  AC Output* and 240V output with the most outlets, so you can achieve power freedom by running 99% of appliances. No fears of overloading with high-wattage devices with EcoFlow’s X-Boost technology. Show how specific appliances run ]

*Chain 2*DELTA Pro with Double Voltage Hub, and turn on X-Boost mode.

  1. Expandable Capacity Expands from 7.2kWh to 21.6kWh with Extra Batteries, Use for up to 1 week.

[Show how to expand capacity of the DELTA Pro with Extra Batteries up to 21.6kWh, integrate it all into your home circuits with the Smart Home Panel or directly plug into your inlet box*. 

Installation Ref video link:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uat1fPVoR4w ]

  1. Unlimited Power Compatible with EcoFlow solar panel or smart generator.

[DELTA Pro is compatible with 90% portable solar panels. And with 1600W input, you can charge up as fast as 2.8-5.6 hours. Meanwhile, you can choose EcoFlow's Smart Generator as a backup for your backup. It's smarter, more efficient and can charge your DELTA Pro in severe outages when you're all out of other options. 

Show how to connect the DELTA Pro to solar panel or smart generator, use EcoFlow APP to remote control and monitor devices. ]

  1. Eco-friendly 

[Replace noisy, smoky generators with a silent and fume-free portable home battery solution. Unlike generators, these batteries can be used inside to run all your essentials during a blackout. And, with the help of solar energy, they can easily be recharged during an extended outage.]

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