What is Pedal Assistant System PAS

One of the best things about electric bikes is that you can choose to get in a workout if you desire, or you can sit back and relax to enjoy the scenery. This option an electric bike gives you is what a regular bicycle lacks. Because electric bikes are equipped with pedal assistance system, they are perfectly designed for those who want the exercise of riding but not the full strain and fatigue that come with pedaling.

So what is pedal assistance system? Pedal assistance system is also known as PAS. If you have ever tried pedaling an e-bike with PAS,  you would remember noticing a boost of power coming from one of the wheels.

pedal assistance system

A pedal assist electric bike will use either a torque or cadence sensor to determine pedal assistance while riding. Qualisports folding e-bikes have a cadence sensor. The cadence sensor can tell when the pedals are moving, and based on that, gives a certain level of power output. This may feel like a slight push as you ride. You will notice that each pedal stroke suddenly seems a little easier.

It is nice that PAS allow you to control the amount of juice coming from the motor. When you stop pedaling, it stops working, so you’ll never have to worry about losing any control. PAS is different from throttle mode because it requires you to pedal to activate the power from the motor. The throttle mode does not require pedaling and solely uses the motor to make the bike move forward. It can help you go further, faster without any effort.

PAS and throttle both have their advantages. And you can have it all! Our Qualibikes do come with a cadence PAS and a thumb throttle override by default. Pedal assist allows riders to ride steep rises, rock crawling, conquer hills, and overcome physical limitations. With a freedom to change the level of pedal assist, riders can decide how much exercise they want, when they want to push themselves, and they will no longer be afraid of steep hills.

Interested in trying out a Qualibike for yourself? Book a test ride at your local dealer to see the difference between the throttle and PAS.

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