The Shopping Guide of Electric Fat Bikes: What Characteristics Should They have?

As everyone knows, fat bikes are designed for all terrains and all seasons. At first, many bikers chose them to train themselves in the snowy winter. As time goes by, it becomes a daily thing that almost everyone can afford.

But facing superb collections of electric fat bikes, most people are confused. As practitioners, we wanna share our sincere advice to help you choose the best one for you.

Himiway Cruiser Fat Tire Electric Mountain Bike Shopping Guide

1.The Proper Size and The Good Traction of the Tire

The tire is one of the most important parts of the electric fat bikes, which is the only attachment between the bike and the ground.

Firstly, fat tires can obviously increase the volume of the air inside. On the one hand, it gives you more support, which makes you feel like sitting on a comfortable sofa. On the other hand, wide tires can handle complex terrains much easier. The big size of the tire will assure you that it's impossible to be stuck in a cleft and it will be pretty stable when you ride across the ground full of sand and stone.

Secondly, fat tires provide you with more patterns on the surface. Complicated patterns on the surface maximize the strong traction to the ground when you need to turn in a different direction or stop. It's like a sensitive and intelligent horse when you give them commands, which minimize the possibility of losing control and getting yourself into danger. Besides, the width of the tire gets the pressure inside dispersed. In other words, even riding it on the soft snow or beach, your tire will not fall into it.

2.The Prophetic Security of Accident

Safety is always worth paying attention to. Some people are familiar with the steps of activating and stopping, but some beginners who don't want to spend time on the official instructions just know nothing about it. A good product should try its best to help stop this kind of tragedies, even it only happens occasionally. Nobody wants to get injured after all.

A throttle of safety is crucial for a electric product. It indeed reminds you of the activation and decreases the possibility of activating the bike unintentionally though it's just an ON/OFF button that cannot prevent anything.

Except for the throttle, the excellent brake is necessary for electric fat bikes. There are different types of brakes such as drum brakes and disc brakes. Normally, electric bikes will use a disc brake on the front and a drum brake on the rear. However, the disc brake is better than the drum brake in many ways. For example, the disc brake can disperse the heat faster than drum brakes, which means it's more reliable if you use brakes frequently. In a word, it's wiser to purchase an electric fat bike with disc brakes on both of the front and rear.

Last but not the least, some love to explore the fantasies of the night. Of course, what they need is a headlight. Considering the convenience during driving, a bright headlight attached to the bike itself is the best choice without any doubt.

3.The Combination of Different Modes and Speeds

For sure the people who buy electric fat bikes are trying to discovering more enjoyment in their daily lives. The e-fat bikes with a high-quality and multi-speed gear shift system can satisfy different needs such as the SHIMANO shift system.

If you want to ride it yourself, you can just switch off the throttle and enjoy the bike. If you want to drive it slowly chatting with your friends at the same time, you can shift to a low speed. And if you want to experience the excitement of chasing or exploring in the amazing nature, you can also shift to high speed.

This kind of combination is the best part of the e-fat bikes comparing to other bikes. Because it gives you the right to choose whatever you like, with only one bike.

4.Long-lasting and Quick-Charge Battery

When you are having fun with your e-fat bikes, the most upset thing is to stop the happiness suddenly because of the low battery.

Therefore, the capacity of the battery and the time of charging are the factors you have to think about, too. Actually, some producers tried to expand the capacity of the battery. But the capacity is not the most important, what you should pay attention to is the distance and time after a full charge. If you are not familiar with the data and statement of the battery, a reliable brand battery is always a reasonable choice.

Of course, during the drive, don't forget to check the battery and charge it in time to avoid unhappiness.

5.Good Customers' Review and Reliable Warranty

Nowadays, there are so many choices of e-fat bikes. Probably, you have no ideas about which one is better. The comments of a salesman are possibly right, but not as believable as the customers' reviews. Because customers truly experienced the product, and they have no reasons to cheat you. So please look through the reviews and read what do other customers think of it.

The last step to make sure the quality of the e-fat bikes is reliable warranty. Warranty is the symbol of producers' confidence, and it's the basic guarantee for you. On average, it should more than 1 year.

6.An Acceptable Price

Once you decide to buy something, the price is what you have to think about. More than 10 years ago, the fat bike is too expensive to afford for most people. But now, more and more brands and factories devote themselves to e-fat bikes, the price is gradually becoming affordable.

Taking the top-ranking products in The Best Electric Fat Bikes of 2020 published on as a reference, the price can be up to $5499. But on average, it's around $1699.

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