Step-Through Electric Bikes Buying Guide For Seniors 2020

With the rise of electric bicycles, more and more people choose this kind of environmentally friendly transportation, especially middle-aged and elderly people. Moreover, research shows that cycling can stimulate the brain. For adults over 50, electric bicycles may provide better brain assistance than traditional bicycles. As a popular model among the elderly, step-through electric bike has always been considered the most suitable choice for the elderly and women. So, how can seniors buy a satisfactory step-through electric bike? What characteristics should they have? Low seat height, fat tire, or big power? This step-through buying guide will tell you!


Himiway Cruiser Step-Through Electric Bike Buying Guide For Seniors

The Reason Why Seniors Need Step-Through Electric Bikes

As we get older and older, our body functions gradually degenerate. At that time, we need proper exercise to strengthen our bodies. Cycling is a good choice, and compared with regular bicycles, electric bicycles are more suitable for the elderly, especially the Step-through. Here are the reasons why seniors need Step-through electric bikes:


Strengthen Your Body

Riding an electric bicycle can exercise your body, strengthen your physique, relax your stiff limbs, and improve your immunity, thereby prevent many diseases. Cycling is a sport that can exercise your whole body. It can exercise your arms, legs, buttocks, and waist at the same time, making you look radiant and your body more flexible. Definitely adapt to people who want to exercise but can't find a suitable method.


Prevent Cognitive Deterioration

Studies show that regular exercise can stimulate your brain, prevent cognitive deterioration and slow response due to aging, and is a "medicine" to prevent Alzheimer's disease. Scientists divided the participants into three groups and the experiment lasted for three months. The first group rode electric bikes three times a week during the experiment, the second group have the same task with regular bikes instead, and the third group did not ride. The result shows that riding an electric bicycle brings greater benefits to the brain than a regular bicycle because when you are tired, riding an electric bicycle can use pure electric mode to achieve a combination of exercise and rest, and avoid excessive stimulation of the brain. Moreover, riding a regular bicycle has a lot of exercises, and you may easily feel tired and even damage your body. E-bikes have you exercise a lot without sweat, is it better?


Good For Mental Health

Outdoor sports like cycling also have a positive impact on mental health. Outdoor cycling is conducive to relaxation and gives you a pleasant mood, especially cycling to rivers, forests, grasslands, and other places to get in close contact with nature. You can ride your favorite bike to go fishing, go picnic, do whatever you like. Away from the hustle and bustle of the city, into nature to breathe fresh air, and enjoy time alone or with your loved ones. Bring you unexpected freshness that you have never experienced.


How To Choose Step-Through Electric Bikes For Seniors

So here comes the question. How should middle-aged and elderly people choose a Step-through electric bicycle that suits them? What characteristics should they have? How can we avoid being deceived and get Step-through with reasonable price and high quality? If you have the above questions, please don't miss this Step-through buying guide! A good Step-through should have the following points:


All-terrain & Fat Tires

All-terrain electric bikes are better if you want to ride a bike into nature .The most important part of all-terrain electric bicycles is fat tires.  Step-Through is equipped with such wide tires to adapt to various terrains, and has a strong grip and traction to ensure your safety. Have the ability to ride on mountains, beaches, and snow, and take you wherever you want to go, whether it’s in hot summer or cold winter. It can be a good choice in some way.


750W Power Output

Choose an electric bicycle with a maximum power of not more than 750w. The motor is the power source of the electric bicycle. Low power will lead to insufficient power. At this time, the rider needs to pedal harder, which is easy to consume physical strength. And too high power will have safety hazards, and too fast speed may cause danger. Therefore, 750w motor power is suitable for the elderly and can meet the travel needs of most people. While allowing you to enjoy the comfort of electric bicycles, it also ensures that you are in absolute safety.


Long Lasting Battery Life

When considering purchasing an electric bicycle, battery life is also one of the important factors to consider. It is best to choose an electric bicycle with a long battery life, which means a large battery capacity. A long enough mileage range allows you to go farther, to explore places that you have always been eager to go but have never been to, without worrying about the battery will run out soon. Elderly people should take good care of their bodies, proper exercise is necessary, but they should not overdraw their physical strength. So when choosing an electric bicycle, consider avoiding situations like running out of batteries that require you to pedal hard, walk long distances, or even push a bicycle. Because electric bicycles are generally heavier than regular bicycles, these things will cause damage to your body. The battery capacity of Himiway Step-Through is 17.5A, and the mileage ranges from 35 to 60 miles, which is absolutely suitable for you.


Good After-sales Service

Choose a company with good after-sales service. When there is any problem with the bicycle, you do not have to repair it yourself, there is no need to worry about it. Of course, high quality is the prerequisite for after-sales guarantee. If the bicycle breaks down frequently, even the best service will be futile. All of Himiway's electric bicycles are equipped with Samsung/LG lithium-ion, and their good quality is recognized by the world. In addition, we also promise to provide a two-year warranty, which is double the one-year guarantee of most companies in the market. With this double guarantee, all you have to do is to enjoy the fun of riding and leave everything else to our staff, so that we can provide all-round protection for your journey as our wishes.


Bright Headlights

As we all know, with the increasing of our age, our eyesight will get worse and worse, especially in the dark. Therefore, it is necessary to buy an electric bicycle with sufficiently bright headlights. The bright headlights will allow you to see the road ahead clearly even in the dark, while also attracting the attention of people or vehicles ahead, ensuring that you can ride safely at night or in tunnels. In addition to the front lights with sufficient brightness, Himiway's bikes are also equipped with bright tail lights, so that people behind can notice you in time when you park or even at night.



In addition to the above points, a high-quality electric bicycle should also have many other features, such as comfortable seats, strong shock absorption, and a transmission system with at least 7 gears. Himiway electric bikes (including Step-through) are equipped with soft Velo saddle, Alloy front suspension fork, and SHIMANO 7 speed gear shift system to meet all your needs.


In recent years, electric bicycles have become more and more popular, many people have caught up with the trend, joined the Himi family, and become one of electric bicycle riders. And the governments of many countries and regions have relaxed their electric bicycle policies, some even expressed support for this, and offer E-bike incentives. All in all, riding an electric bicycle has many benefits for keeping your body in good health, such as exercising your body, stimulating your brain, and relaxing your mood. All these are beneficial to the body, spirit, and psychology without any harm. So, please keep up with the times and buy a Step-through electric bike, especially the one that includes the above-mentioned advantages: all-terrain fat tires, 750w maximum power, long battery life, perfect after-sales service, and bright headlights, etc. You will never regret getting a Step-through electric bike like Himiway with all these characteristic.

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