Getting Started with Riding Your New E-bike

Six Things to Know as You Prepare to Ride

Your new Magicycle is a great exercise machine, wonderful relaxation, ultra-economical transportation, and best of all . . . it’s fun! Yes, absolutely, riding should be fun and something you can look forward to every day. Here’s a few pointers to help your have a safe and pleasant riding experience.

  1. Read Your Owner’s Manual   —   This is a step too often skipped in preparing to ride. Who wants to take the time to read the instructions, right? You do! It is very important that you are as knowledgeable as possible before you take your first ride. After all, your safety is a priority! And be sure to learn how to adjust the Advanced settings on your display. You might want to “slow down” the PAS, Sensitivity, and Slow Start settings.
  2. Select Your Terrain   —   As you begin your riding experiences, there is plenty to think about without having to deal with bumps, rocks, hills, or traffic. Make your plans to get started where the terrain is level and safe. Perhaps an empty parking lot or a quiet neighborhood street with almost no traffic. Make sure you can easily concentrate on your Magicycle and not be concerned with your surroundings.
  3. Confirm Your Brakes   —   Stopping is even more important than starting! Before mounting your Magicycle, walk along slowly while pushing the e-bike. Then gently squeeze the left-hand brake to stop your forward motion. Now begin pushing forward again and do the same with your right-hand brake. This will confirm that both the front and the rear brakes are working. If either brake does not easily stop your forward motion, do not ride until your brakes have been adjusted and are working properly.
  4. Control Your Speed   —   Slow is good! Sure, part of the fun of e-bikes is that the are capable of great speed, but that’s not the place to get started. Make sure your shift selector is in a low gear, 1 or 2, and that your Pedal Assist is set at 0. Begin your ride with no Pedal Assist, but also do not pedal. Pedaling an e-bike has a little different feel than other bikes, and you need time to adjust. Instead, mount your Magicycle and begin your ride by SLOWLY twisting your throttle. Your e-bike will begin to move forward and you can twist the throttle enough to maintain your balance at a slow speed. When you feel comfortable, you can try pedaling, and eventually adjust your Pedal Assist from 0 to 1. But be careful — your Magicycle will go faster than you expect with Peddle Assist. As you learn more about your new ride, you can customize the Pedal Assist levels until they are perfect for you!
  5. Always Wear a Helmet   —   Nobody expects to fall for any reason, but we all know that the possibility exists. You have only one head and one brain, so take care of them. A good protective bike helmet doesn’t have to be expensive…here’s a good example of a protective bike helmet.
  6. Use the Throttle  —  If your e-bike has a throttle, use it to enhance your safety. As you begin riding an e-bike for the first time, or as you return after a long absence from cycling, a throttle is very helpful. From a dead stop, use the throttle rather than pedaling. When making a turn, use the throttle. This allows you to concentrate on balance and on smoothly making the turn. 

 After many months of e-bike riding, I still prefer the throttle for the initial start and on many turns. However, you might opt to use the pedals more often as you gain riding experience.

You are beginning a lifetime of fun and health with your Magicycle. Take the time needed to begin safely, and you will give e-biking a big thumbs up!

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