BLUETTI BLUETTI EB240 2400Wh/ 1000W + 2*PV200/PV120 USP Mode Portable Solar Generator - eBike Haul
BLUETTI BLUETTI EB240 2400Wh/ 1000W + 2*PV200/PV120 USP Mode Portable Solar Generator - eBike Haul
BLUETTI BLUETTI EB240 2400Wh/ 1000W + 2*PV200/PV120 USP Mode Portable Solar Generator - eBike Haul
BLUETTI BLUETTI EB240 2400Wh/ 1000W + 2*PV200/PV120 USP Mode Portable Solar Generator - eBike Haul
BLUETTI BLUETTI EB240 2400Wh/ 1000W + 2*PV200/PV120 USP Mode Portable Solar Generator - eBike Haul
BLUETTI BLUETTI EB240 2400Wh/ 1000W + 2*PV200/PV120 USP Mode Portable Solar Generator - eBike Haul
BLUETTI BLUETTI EB240 2400Wh/ 1000W + 2*PV200/PV120 USP Mode Portable Solar Generator - eBike Haul
BLUETTI BLUETTI EB240 2400Wh/ 1000W + 2*PV200/PV120 USP Mode Portable Solar Generator - eBike Haul
BLUETTI BLUETTI EB240 2400Wh/ 1000W + 2*PV200/PV120 USP Mode Portable Solar Generator - eBike Haul

BLUETTI EB240 2400Wh/ 1000W + 2*PV200/PV120 USP Mode Portable Solar Generator

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Our largest, high-capacity portable power station is equipped with over 2400Wh/1000W of lithium battery storage for long runtimes on all your necessary equipment. Versatile energy storage system backs up in your home and scales, reliable access to power sources at any time.
*Bluetti EB240 Portable Power Station is a clean alternative to a gasoline-powered inverter generator . that produces 1000W of continuous power and a 1200W surge.
*We will release the higher power this year, ensuring you always have the latest features and functions.

  • Industry-leading Outputs Including AC and 45W USB-C Power Ports
  • Ultra-safe Lithium Battery(NCM Chemistry Battery Cell)
  • MPPT Built-In
  • Intelligent Cooling Controller
  • MPPT Built-In
  • 2 Charge Methods(Solar Panel,200w AC Wall Outlet)

More About MAXOAK EB240

    • Huge Capacity 2400Wh Power Station: Super Long Lasting 2400Wh Power Station with High Load Continuous 1000W Inverter (1000W≤load<1200W@120S; 1200W≤load@1s), Built-in Top-Brand Lithium Polymer Battery Cell, Safety & Quality are Rest Assured. We Use Automobile-level 3C High-Rate Battery Cell thus Has a Much Longer Life Cycle 2500+ Times. 


    • Multiple Ports for Any Needs: EB240 features 2*AC 110V Outlets for Most Household Devices under 1000W Like TV, Refrigerator, Drone. 12V9A Car Port for Car Powered Devices like mini-Fridge, Car Vacuum Cleaner,1*QC PD 45W USB-C for Laptop MacBook Air/Pro & USB-C Phones/iPad,4*5V3A USB for Phone, Tablet, Camera, Fans, Light, etc, and LED Lighting/SOS for Emergency Illumination. Keep Multi Devices Powered in Case of Power Failure or Away from a Wall Outlet. 


    • Solar/AC/Generator Recharge: With a max input power of 500W, it can be fully recharged by 2pcs Sp200 200w solar panels within 9-9.5 hours. (OCV 16V-68V, SP200 solar panel not included), the pre-installed MPPT controller enables the recharging speed 40% faster. It can also get fully recharged from an AC wall outlet and generator in 12 hrs. (200W adapter included). 


    • 2500+ Long Life Cycle: With a built-in Auto-level battery cell, it has a higher discharge rate, lower heat, and is safer than the ordinary battery cores, the cycle life is 2500+. Its noise-free, zero emissions, Battery Management System (BMS) enable voltage/current control, temperature control, and more advanced safety functions

    Safety By Design:

    Battery Management System (BMS) Enables Short Circuit Protection, Voltage Control, Temperature Control And More Advanced Safety Operations. Other Enhanced Safety Features Includes:

    LCD Screen With Charge/Discharge And Battery Life Status Switch With Indicator Light For On/Off Output Port Charging

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      *Please NOTE: This item is only applicable to orders in the US (except Alaska and Virginia Islands) 




      Refrigerator(800w)   2.4Hrs+
      CPAP(60w)   32+Hrs
      Laptop(60w)   32+ Recharges
      Fan(12w)    170Hrs+
      Smartphone   200+ Recharges
      Led lantern light(10w)   200Hrs+
      LCD TV(100w)   20+Hrs
      High Capacity: 2400Wh (648648mAh/3.7V, 162162mAh/14.8V). 
      Inverter Load: Continuous 1000W (1000W≤load<1200W last for 120S;1200W≤load,shuf off after 0.5s) 
      Input: AC/PV Input: 7.9*0.9mm DC, 42V/200W, OCV 16V~68V /MAX.10A 
      Outputs:  2*AC110V, 1*12V9A, 1*PD 45W USB-C, 4*5V3A USB. 
      Charging Method: AC/Solar/Generator Recharge. DC to MC*4 solar charging cable is included. 
      Chemistry Battery Cell: NCM 
      Pack Capacity:  2400Wh/1000W
      Lifecycles:  2500+ Cycles
      Shelf-Life:  Charge Every 3-6 Months
      Management System:  'MPPT' Charge Controller, Low Battery Protection
      Size: 19.4*6.5*14.4inch
      Weight:  48.5lb
      Warranty:  24 Months
      Operating Temperature:  0-40°C/10%-90>#/p###
      What’s in the box


      1*Portable Power Storage (EB240)
      1*200W AC Wall Charger
      1*PV Solar Charging Cable(DC7909 To MC4)
      1*User Manual
      1*Certificate Of Qualification


      What kind of devices can Bluetti EB240 power?

      A: Please note that the AC output ports can charge/power devices only operate at less than 1000-Watts, and the gross power should be under 1000 watts as well or EB240 will shut off automatically for circuit protection.

      Please make sure your device is compatible with EB240 before purchase.

      How to figure out the recharge times of my device?

      A: Working time = 2400Wh* 85% / rated power of your device

      For reference, assuming the device features rated power 800W (might be an Electric drill), working time will be 2400Wh*85% / 800w=2.5hrs (Estimated time).

      Please note actual power consumption varies from different usages, please contact Email: for better purchase advice.

      How to choose a third-party solar panel?

      Solar panel spec. requirement:

      Default working voltage ≧ 20V, gross open circuit voltage  73V(±2V),

      the max output current ≦10A, max input power ≦ 500W.

      Battery Lifecycle

      It is vital to know that lithium-ion batteries will degrade over time if they are charged too frequently. Recharge time is set to 5 hours around via wall socket, ensuring that the EB240 is capable of lasting for at least 2500+ cycles.

      Is it able to be charged via 12V vehicle accessory ports?

      You could use a 300W(minimum) pure sine inverter to connect the vehicle accessory ports with EB240.

      The inverter is not included in the package.

      If I replace the included MPPT module for batteries expansion, how much 
      solar input can I use when the EB240 is unhooked from the expansion 
      batteries and is in stand-alone mode?

      The EB240 could have a maximum of 500W from solar panels without MPPT module. You should set panels of 400W into the MC4 pole input, and another 100W worth of panels into the 7.9*0.9mm input. These measures would support 320-360W input power per hour in good sunlight conditions.

      Q: What devices can be charged by EB240?

      A: Check the rated power and peak power of your devices, so long as it does not exceed 1000W, it can be charged by EB240. if the load is between 1000~1200W, it can last for 2mins. Load exceeds 1200W, EB240 will shut off for overload protection.


      Q: How to choose the compatible solar panel and how about the charge time?

      A: The solar panel must meet below:

      we suggest working voltage is >20V, Open circuit voltage(OCV) <68V, the Max. output current is max.10A, Max. 500W.

      the charging time depends on the sunlight, the duration of the sunlight, and the power of the solar panel.

      if you connect the solar panels in parallel or in series, we suggest using the same brand/model. not mix use.


      Q: How long can be recharged by Solar Panel?

      A: It depends on the input power of the solar panel and the strength of the sunlight.

      for example,2pcs of our 120W solar panels can quickly charge the MAXOAK EB240 2400wh power station about 14.5-15hrs by connecting them in series.

      2pcs 200W solar panels can quickly charge the MAXOAK EB240 2400wh power station about 9-9.5hrs by connecting them in series.

      Tip: SP120 120w solar panel and SP200 200w solar panel are not included, you need to buy them separately


      Q: What is the lifetime of the EB240?

      A: 2500+.

      User Manual

      Click To Download Bluetti EB240 User Manual

      Warranty & Registration 

      This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may have other rights that vary from state to state (or by country or province). other than as permitted by law, BLUETTI does not exclude, limit or suspend other rights you may have, including those that may arise from the nonconformity of a sales contract. for a full understanding of your rights, you should consult the laws of your country, province, or state. 

      Warranty period


      General Warranty period (month)

      Warranty period for AC200 Indiegogo backers (month)

      Power Station



      Solar panel








      BLUETTI’s warranty does not apply to:

      • Misused/abused/damaged by accident/damaged due to acts of nature. (For example lightning strikes, tornadoes, hurricanes, and such)
      • Unauthorized modification/repair/dis-assembly or operation not in accordance with the official instructions or manuals;
      • Non-quality related issues
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      • Used for a special application other than normal consumer use
      • Lost /stolen/free/refunded product
      • Any defects or damages caused by exposure to excessive heat, cold, liquids or other external causes.
      • Not able to provide valid proof of purchase

      Register Your Product

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      How to claim a warranty?

      Feel free to contact our customer service team at

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      After-sale Service Contact

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      About BLUETTI

      Our Values

      BLUETTI is so much more than just a brand name; it is a way of life, a design philosophy, our hope for a better earth, a blue sky, and much more.

      From a single idea - a portable, powerful source of electricity - we've built out a whole line up of solar power storage products for adventurers and all kinds of off-grid lives. Along the way, some core values that unite the entire BLUETTI community have defined everything we do. We value resourcefulness, seeking adventure, and living free in any way we want. We believe that the personal power storage products are the 21st century equivalent of swords: tools that everyone can wield and get Energy Independence with. Consequently, we build products to ensure that your power is there whenever and wherever you need it.

      Our Story

      After a decade of working and researching in the energy storage industry, in the summer of 2019, Wondar Law & James Ray met in Walnut, California, and set out with a vision of creating a minimalist portable power station that would seamlessly integrate into everyone's life. The EB150 and EB240, Bluetti's first products, launched on In July 2019 and have been well received ever since. One year later, we released our flagship model AC200 on Indiegogo as a crowdfunding project and pulled nearly 7 million dollars in two months. At the same time, after bouncing around from Los Angeles to Denver, we are finally settled down in Vegas, Nevada, where we’re headquartered now.

      Commitment to Product

      Bluetti is and always will prioritize design, service, and quality over everything else. One of the most important aspects to us when designing new products is that we use the highest quality, longest-lasting materials available. We design all of our parts from the ground up, rather than white-labeling existing products. From the BMS motherboard to the MPPT controller and inverters, we choose materials that stand out and outlast. It costs more to do so, but the cost isn't as important as the value that doing so creates.

      - James Ray, Chief Officer of Product

      Looking Forward

      Looking forward to 2021 and beyond, BLUETTI will continue to innovate the renewable energy world with new products and new concepts, while at the same time keeping true to our roots that go all the way back to a dream that started with one battery, two friends, and the community.

      We are eternally grateful to our original backers and there is nothing I like more than running into someone who supported us on Indiegogo and Amazon and hearing about their experience with our products. What is even more meaningful to me is that many of those people have remained BLUETTI customers to this day.

      - Wonder Law, Founder & CEO

      A Word From Our Founders

      We've always thought of BLUETTI as a "big-yet-little company", meaning that whatever we do, we do it well and with the same passion like we had on the first day when we embark on the road. As time goes by, we've indeed gotten a little bigger, but we never forget to remain true to the original aspiration.

      Everything started with a simple idea, with the help from our friends and supporters, energy independence for every family is gradually becoming a reality. We look forward to continuing this journey with you, our dearest fellow BLUETTI families.

      - Wonder & James, BLUETTI Co-Founders

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