EcoFlow DELTA 2 Frequently Asked Questions

What is the waterproof rating?

IP20, we provide waterproof protection bag which is sold separately, can be used together to achieve waterproof effect in outdoor rainy days.

How many solar panels can be used, and how much is the solar charging power?

Delta 2 can work with one 400W solar panel, or two 220W solar panels used in series, and the maximum solar charging power is 500W.

Can it be used with other Ecosystem products?

Delta 2 can work with the Wave and the Smart generator.

What connection methods do the APP support?

Delta 2 supports WIFI and Bluetooth connections.

What is the weight and noise level?

The weight of Delta 2 is around 27lbs, the noise level is ≤60dB, 1 meter

What the cell Type does DELTA 2 have?

LFP,3000 cycles to 80%+ capacity.

How long does it take to fully charge?

A total of 1.3H is required to be fully charged.

How much is the charging power and the discharging power?

Charging power:1200W Max Discharging power: 1800W (Surge 2700W), X-Boost 2400W

Does it support battery extension?

Delta 2 only supports one extra battery extension, and the capacity of the extra battery is 1024Wh. It also supports the extra battery of DELTA Max, which can be expanded to 3040Wh at the maximum.

What is the capacity of the battery?